The vision of the NCCWN is a just and equal society for women.


The mission of the NCCWN is to empower and support community-based women who experience disadvantage and marginalisation as a result of barriers to participation and lack of opportunities. This will be achieved by our women’s projects bringing about positive and sustainable changes to their lives and society using collective action and feminist approaches, with an emphasis on policy and challenging structures, attitudes and behaviours that marginalise women

The NCCWN works from two core perspectives – feminism and community development. These perspectives permeate all the work of the NCCWN.


The following values are at the core of the work of the NCCWN:

• Women’s empowerment – working in a way that supports disadvantaged women to take leadership and make decisions on issues affecting them;

• Community Education – working from the grassroots up, combining an adult education approach with community development principles;

• Social Inclusion – working in an inclusive way with an anti-poverty focus;

• Equality and recognition of diversity – supporting and promoting the equal rights of disadvantaged women and challenging discrimination, especially under the nine grounds underpinned by Irish equality legislation;

• Collective analysis, collective action and collective outcomes – the NCCWN was formed on the basis that working together secures better outcomes for disadvantaged women as a group rather than individuals;

• Feminism – the NCCWN is a feminist organisation that sees women as equal to men and promotes the realisation of that.

• Solidarity – recognising that disadvantaged women experience greater barriers that are not shared by all women, the NCCWN is committed to taking action to overcome the challenges that face the women we represent.