Level 5 Business Administration Major Award Course Structure (5M2468)

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The purpose of this award is to enable the learner to acquire the knowledge, skills and competence to work independently and under supervision in an administrative role in a range of business contexts and or to progress to further and or higher education and training.


Award Title – Business Administration

Code – 5M2468

Learners will be required to achieve a minimum of 120 credits (eight components) to attain the full level 5 QQI major award in Business Administration 5M2468.

A maximum of 15 credits may be used from either level 4 or level 6.

Learners MUST complete the following compulsory components:

Component Code

Credit Value

Classes available – day or evenings


Business Administration Skills 5N1610 15 credits


Communications OR Teamworking 5N0690 OR 5N1367 15 credits

15 credits

Day and evening
Work Experience 5N1356 15 credits Day and evening
Word Processing 5N1358 15 credits Evening
Bookkeeping Manual & Computerised 5N1354 15 credits Day and evening

Choose any one of the following components:

Component Code

Credit Value

Classes available – day or evenings

Payroll Manual and Computerised 5N1546 15 credits Evening
Spreadsheets 5N1977 15 credits Evening
Reception & Frontline Office Skills 5N1407 15 credits Evening

Choose two of any level 5 components from the above lists or the list below:

Component Code

Credit Value

Classes available – day or evenings

Safety & Health at Work 5N1794 15 credits Day and evening
Customer Service 5N0972 15 credits Evening
 A QQI level 5 component completed within the last five years may be used as an exemption. Please contact the Training & Education Coordinator for further details.

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