Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is ……………

“To facilitate the empowerment of women through education, training and community enterprise development.”

Our Aims …………

  • To Facilitate women in identifying their needs and in developing their potential through the provision of appropriate personal development and educational programmes/opportunities.
  • To provide learning and training experiences, which address the identified needs.
  • To provide childcare facilities for attendees of the projects educational activities, for parents attending other Community Education Programmes and for families in the community who have identified as in need of this support.
  • To promote equality and progression of all women regardless of colour, creed or culture.
  • To work closely with stat agencies and make effective use of allocated resources.
  • To deliver all out services with professional and client centred approach, respectful of the adult status of our employees and trainees.
  • To assess and review projects on an on-going basis.