Equality for Women Measure

The Equality for Women Measure is funded under the Department of Justice & Equality, EU Structural Funds and European Social Funds. The aim of the Project is to promote the advancement of women into non clinical health care supervisory and management positions, through the provision of a FETAC Level 6 accredited training programme in Health Services Supervisory Management Skills (6M4978).

This programme is designed primarily for women who are newly unemployed or who wish to retrain, women who want to return to the labour market after performing a caring function or women who are already in part-time unskilled or semi-skilled employment relevant to the healthcare sector.

EWM students attending Project Management Training in January 2014


EWM students and staff visit the Council chambers in Mullingar


Under the Equality for Women Measure we offer an Advanced Certificate in Health Services Supervisory Management Skills. This is a full QQI formerly FETAC Level 6 major award and contains the following modules:

  • Workplace Statutory Policies and Procedures
  • Project Management
  • Team Leadership
  • Supervisory Management Skills
  • Managing People
  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Conflict Management
  • Gerontology

A new programme began 15th December 2014 and runs 3 days per week until the 17th April 2015. Students should be aware that there is also a high level of independent study and course work required.

Some EWM students and staff pictured at Cert night, 17th Februry 2014


The Equality for Women Measure also ran an outreach FETAC Level 4 module in Health Care, which will finish mid April 2015.  This is a single module and is intended to provide an entrance route for progression onto FETAC Level 5 Community and Health Care Services Award and Level 6 programmes.

These programmes are free of charge. If you are interested in participating in this programme please contact us – For further information please contact:

Email: equalityforwomenmeasure@gmail.com

Unfortunately the closing date for registration for this course was December 2014 – notice of further programmes will be posted on this website.


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