Testimonials – Training And Education

Please see below some testimonials from former course participants.

Testimonial Of Paddy Howe Jr:

To all at Women’s Community Projects, I would to personally thank you all in helping me obtain my level 5 QQI in Community Health Services. As a ‘mature’ student I took the daunting step to make a change in my career path. However, as I found out during my time with WCPM, the excellent back up and facilities at the Women’s Community Projects were second to none. I was soon put at ease and found everyone to be most accessible and found that ‘I could learn again’.

My tutor, Sinead Cahill was an excellent and very knowledgeable person, who made herself available to all of the students and gave me excellent guidance throughout my time there.

I highly recommend that any person who is thinking of a career change or up skilling to contact Maureen and talk to her about your aspirations.

Best of luck

Paddy Howe Jr.

Testimonial Of Nancy Poynton:

I would first like to start by saying I am truly honoured to be asked to share my experience that I had with the Women’s Community Projects. I feel my testimony is a way of giving back the gift that I received from the Women’s Community Project.

I joined the Women’s Community Projects with hesitation; I was a stay at home wife and mother for sixteen years. I wanted a career for myself but I did not know where to start or how to begin my journey. I heard positive feedback from friends that joined and successfully completed the healthcare program. I personally felt that I was out of touch with the technology and the working world. I decided to go to my first meeting within the WCP centre; the hardest thing for me was walking in through the door.

I found this decision changed my whole life. I gained so much more than I could have ever hoped for. I made new friends, I learned a lot about myself and most important of all I was encourage by all my tutors. I gained confidence in myself, I learned about technology and I learned through the program that I was not alone and I had support from the entire centre.

My time throughout the course was really enjoyable, and I also felt very comfortable within my surrounding and the interaction within the classrooms. My classmates were from different cultures and there was a mix of different age groups. We learned from each other and supported each other. When I successfully completed the QQI level 5 healthcare course, I decided to continue with the level six Supervisory Management course.

I successfully completed the course and two days later, I went for my first interview in twenty-three years. I was fully prepared because I learned from the centre how to prepare for a positive interview.

Two days after my interview, I was hired by my company as a Support Worker and Carer. After eight months I was promoted to supervisor for the entire midlands area. I achieved my goal in securing a job and a career.

However, my story does not stop there. The only way I can describe it is that I caught the educational bug. I wanted more, I wanted to go further and continue my education. I knew that this was only possible because the WCP opened a door way to college for me as a mature student. I obtained many distinctions in my level 5 and level 6 course and they allowed me to enter into college

Currently, I am a third-year student in Athlone institute of Technology. The course is a level 8 four-year honours degree in Social Care Practice.   I know for certain if I did not enter the WCP I would not be where I am today. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful and important programme. I have another goal for the future and that is to become part of the WCP centre and help others on their journey of starting their careers.

Kind regards

Nancy Poynton

Testimonial Of Anita Kennedy:

When you do a course here. you are completely supported. They are fantastic, very patient & explain things very well. Highly recommended for courses

Anita Kennedy